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Medico-Pastoral Association (MPA)

Medico-Pastoral Association (MPA) commenced in 1964 as the first and the oldest registered non-governmental organization to step into the then unexplored territory of rehabilitating mentally ill persons in India. It has, for over the past 50 years, continued to make strides in this realm. Apart from providing a surrogate home for individuals with disabilities arising from psychiatric illness, it also caters to many other needs of people with difficulties.

As early as 1964, much before any formal or conventional forms of intervention were introduced, a group of volunteers comprising professionals like doctors and clergymen under the Urban Industrial Mission Programme of St. Mark's Cathedral, Bangalore got together to create awareness, and to provide training in skills required to remove the fear and misconceptions surrounding mental health problems. The movement initiated by these volunteers has been effective in the promotion of mental health and care of the mentally ill, and culminated in the formation of Medico-Pastoral Association.

  • Meeting the objectives of the Association and accomplishing its mission to meet the needs of the whole man.
  • Providing creative solutions in the management of psycho-social disabilities and professional interventions for persons with problems.
  • Addressing mental health issues in the community, promoting public awareness and reducing stigma.

A holistic approach to mental health, improving the emotional and social wellbeing of individuals and society, focusing on the ‘Wholeness of Person’ and ‘Wholeness of Society’, and the challenges ahead.

 We endeavour towards recovery-oriented rehabilitation aiming at full integration of persons with severe and chronic mental disorders into the mainstream. ‘Rehabilitation, Re socialization, Resettlement’ will continue to be the motto.

  • To help caregivers to be empowered and supported with skills
  • To empower our beneficiaries (those limited with disabilities arising from mental disorders) with social and vocational skills through a sheltered vocational training programme.
  • To encourage our society to be sensitive to the needs of those who are limited with mental disorders and provide them with an opportunity to regain their self-worth.

What Facilities Do We Have?

We believe that we can improve your quality of life.

Half-way Home (Manashanthi)

Half Way Home was set up in 1975 for both genders, between the ages of 18 to 55 years, in response to the increasing need for structured residential care.

Navajeevan Hostel for Men & Cottage for Women

The Navajeevan Hostel & Extended Care was built in the year 1988 and Cottage Women was built in 2007


The Day Care Program for those not requesting residential needs was started in 1998. Facility for both men and women, who are recovering from mental illness.

SAHAI - Suicide Prevention Helpline

SAHAI Suicide Prevention Helpline, run by the Medico-Pastoral Association was started in 2002.

Outside Counseling Services

We offer counseling services to the common public, who is in need of help like marital issue, work related stress, career related, relationship issue etc.

Students Internships

Psychology, Social work, students from colleges in Bangalore and outside the district or state do their fieldwork or block placement at MPA






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Suvarna Jayanthi Lectures

These lectures have been organised every month to highlight different aspects of mental health. Everymonth since Feb 2022 an expert in the field of mental health has delivered talks sharing their knowledge and expertise.

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Students Internship

As MPA celebrating its Golden Jubilee, We are offering Free Internship for five students from the background of Social work and psychology as a Golden Jubilee Gift. Please visit the Facebook page of MPA for more details.

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