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In 1964 that a small group of individuals including some doctors, social workers and clergymen concerned about the emotional and social well-being of individuals as well as the society at large in Bangalore came together under the Urban Industrial Mission of the St Mark’s Cathedral in Bangalore. Their concerns, efforts and activities steadily contributed to the birth of a secular and autonomous body, the non-governmental organization (NGO) in the field of adult mental health in India the Medico Pastoral Association (MPA).

Dr Joyce Siromani took the initiative in starting the Medico Pastoral Association (MPA) as its founding secretary. The Medico Pastoral Association was inaugurated in 1967 in St. Marks Parish Hall by Rt. Rev Norman Sergeant (Second Bishop of the Church of South India, Diocese of Mysore).

The association was registered under the Mysore Societies in 1972 (S.No.127/72-73 (03-08-1972). During the early years, the association continued to operate from the home of Joyce and Paul Siromani on the St. Marks's campus. 

The idea for a Half-Way Home, the first of its kind in India was mooted by Joyce Siromani. The Half-Way-Home was planned to provide persons discharged from stand-alone psychiatric centres (mental hospitals) a period of stay in a therapeutic environment in a homely place, before returning to their own homes. It was felt that such a stay would help them to integrate better with their families/place of work/study.

The Half Way Home was established in 1976 with 18 residents - nine women and nine men. Dr S.S. Jayaram, the National President of the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) in 1972, was the first Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist of MPA’s Half-Way-Home.